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Simplifying Stations with Templates

When I first started doing stations, I found that it was a lot of upfront planning, and even longer than planning a traditional lesson. Now I’m finding that I can plan them pretty quickly. It all comes down to having generic templates and picking a simple set up. I will share my process including examples and a download to
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Wrapping up stations

Now that you’ve seen bits and pieces of what we do in stations in our class, (hint: a station can basically be any activity that you would normally do in class), all that’s left is how to organize it!

Stations + Accountability

In an ideal station world, all of the stations and their activities lead to one big goal. So this means I need to carefully choose activities that are challenging, relevant to their lives, and at their proficiency level (try not to take them back to Novice low!). No problem, right?! I personally do not want
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2 more ideas – Conversation or Feedback Stations

Like most of you, I have big classes. It’s usually around 30 kids together at the same time. A lot of activities we do in class require little extra help from me. Reading, writing, and listening can usually be done alone or in a small group. With simple directions and a little trust, students can
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Game Station

I try to always include a game station when I do stations. The “game” may actually be speaking practice or vocabulary review or hands-on action with the language, but if it has some competitive aspect, then it’s a game!

Writing Stations

When designing writing stations, just look at what they were reading for inspiration. If they read a menu, ad, review, Tweet, text, book, or comic… now they can “write” one! Keep these questions in mind when you plan the station activity: * Why are they doing this activity as a group instead of individually? This
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Reading Station

The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go. Dr. Seuss My favorite station to plan for and have in class is a reading station. There are so many authentic readings available thanks to the internet. Even without a lot of resources, I can
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Solving Station Issues

Every teacher faces different challenges when setting up stations. I love any challenge because it causes me to be more creative. Here are a few I’ve experienced and how I overcame them. CART TEACHER, NO CLASSROOM For two years I invaded a different classroom for each class. I did not have the chance to set
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One Solution: Stations!

Published on: Aug 26, 2012 During my first two years of teaching a language, I noticed some patterns. 1.) Although I had big classes (around 30), about 5-10 students did the majority of speaking in class in the TL. 2.) Students got bored easily. I needed to change the activity/task every 10-15 minutes (especially with level one students)
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Chalkboard Paint

I recently stumbled across chalkboard paint as I was roaming around Lowe’s and decided to use it this year in my classroom. I love that the black stands out from the white walls and white paper I normally use! I set up stations a lot with my students and have been wanting a more permanent
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