Category: Interpretive Reading

Create a Recipe Card

Interpretive Reading or Listening This is a 21st Century skill that they need. When asked to create something, they need to be able to look at examples to figure out what makes one good. This activity promotes this thinking, instead of a teacher “telling” students what makes a good one.

Digital Highlighting Activity

Highlighting is one of my top go-to interpretive reading activities. Today I will review an app for Apple devices and Chrome. Let’s see how highlighting can go digital!

Infer This

High Rigor and High Relevance! I can hear my assistant principal chanting this as I type it. High relevance, check! Authentic resources, target culture, and cultural comparisons help to keep the lessons relevant to their lives. High rigor… And stay in the target language??

Highlight Away!

Interpretive Reading Activity


Puzzles make a great option for new vocab and review. It’s a  great hands-on opportunity for high school students! Here’s one example…