Calendar ~ Where we will be next

Here are some upcoming conferences and workshops that we will be presenting, so join us if you can! Scroll to bottom of page for the complete calendar.




  1. Kara Parker

    Hi Elizabeth! Here’s the main link for SCOLT – This is a regular session so you do not have to do an extra sign up to attend. Just register for the conference. Looks like it is going to be a great conference!

  2. Lorie Rodgers

    What is the Central States Conference and Where is it? Would you recommend it over the Minnesota Council conference? I am from Texas and teach at a private school.

    • Kara Parker

      Hi Lorie! Central States is the regional conference in Ohio this next year. Here’s the website: I haven’t been to the Minnesota conference yet so I can’t compare it! When I’m looking for conferences to attend, I usually look at the program to decide if there are several sessions that support my growth goals and what I want to improve. If you are looking for more local conference, TFLA is great!

  3. Merry Sara

    Will you all ever make it out to California?

      • Jennifer Myers

        Can you send the pricing information so I know how much it would cost to bring you out to California for a workshop? Thanks!

        J. Myers
        Department Chair World Languages
        West Covina HS


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