Hello! Here is a collection of authentic resources (videos, websites, articles, photos, infographics, apps, and more) for ASL classes. We will continue to add more as we reorganize the site to be a lesson planning resource and please add your favorites in the comments.

Also check out Authentic Resources (websites and apps) that are for all languages.

Here are some ideas for units and lessons with resources for ASL. Here’s to making it Authentic and Cultural!

I can give basic information about deaf artists.

What is Art? Give some examples…

What is Deaf View/Image Art?


Chuck Baird



Olivier Jamin

For more information…


I can defend my opinions about graffiti.

Read these articles and list the pros/cons of graffiti.



Let’s Debate!

What is your opinion about graffiti?

Defend it!

I can explain messages & meanings in a painting.

Click to view his art…


Political Message  /  Protest  /  Promoting Something Positive

Research a new artist and explain one of their works.

I can explain how to paint.

Research how to create an art. Make it. Has your opinion changed about art now that you’ve tried it?

http://www.ai-media.tv/10-professional-deaf-athletes/ – athletes

US Deaf Sports – athletes, stories, events

https://www.dailymoth.com – Look for sports articles

Find a local sporting event – Near Louisville, KY: http://liminterpreting.com/event/deaf-volleyball-league/



http://www.upworthy.com/a-pizza-place-with-all-deaf-employees-is-pretty-special-because-their-pizza-is-so-good and investigate for other all-deaf restaurants

Deaf Chef – http://www.deafpeople.com/dp_of_month/RamborgerYear.html


WINTER / Class “Bucket List” Challenge for ASL

Here are some resources and ideas specific for ASL. These gave me a few ideas for other language classes too. Read original post: http://www.creativelanguageclass.com/a-class-bucket-list-challenge/
Decorate a Christmas tree
Songs that are signed
Santa signing
Holiday jelly beans tasting (AWESOME!)
Ornament idea
Sweater idea



Also look for more commercials by “Convo Relay” and BeYOUtiful campaign.

Music Interpreters – Amber Galloway Gallego




Twitter for jleblancdesign


If you have an authres that your students enjoyed, add it in the comments below!