Fashion, sculpture, graffiti, ballet, flamenco, mosaics… What art inspires you?

How do you promote language learning through the arts? Give an idea! Take an idea!

Today is the last day, but there is still time to go back and add your authentic resources for food, places, events, and people. Thanks for sharing great ideas and for helping us all be our best! #teamwork 

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  1. Sarah Vanegas

    This is an assignment I used for Hispanic Heritage Month. The students recreated an artwork from a famous Hispanic artist, after researching an artist from a country they chose. The pieces turned out amazing! We then had our own little art gallery where they presented their pieces. Here’s a copy of the assignment I used for Spanish 1. Afterwards, many of the students let me keep their work. 🙂

      • Sarah Vanegas

        I attached the rubric to the original document, so if you click on the link in my first post, you should see the rubric on the second page.
        You could also grade it in a standards’ based way if that’s how your school does grading 🙂

  2. Students study the Stromae song “Alors on danse” and reflect on the stresses in their own lives (Stromae sings about financial, family and world problems) and what their source of relaxation/release is (for Stromae, of course, it’s dancing). Then they write their own version of the song. Stromae video here (likely not student appropriate due to alcohol consumption): Blog explanation with example of student-written song here:

  3. Michelle

    In my old classroom I divided rectangle concrete bricks into squares and students used copy paperto transer a Spanish tile design to my wall and then paint it. In my new classroom I got grant money to purchase white square tiles. Same process of using copy paper. To transfer a design and paint it. I used a glue gun to stick tiles to the wall. My wall is beautiful!

  4. Tatiana

    I like the idea of looking for lesser well known artists to introduce to my students. In my first year of teaching and after a graduate course in the Dominican Republic I got to know someone that I had never hear of – Cándido Bidó. Here are some of the links I used for my unit on him.

    Museo de Arte Cándido Bidó

    Bio in Spanish

    El paraiso de Candidó Bidó – video of some of his works

    Idea for an art project associated with artist – Proyecto ArteNiño, Argentina
    I actually did something similar to this. I used a small paper plate for the head, students traced it and colored/decorated with crayons. The results were incredible.

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