A Class “Bucket List” Challenge

Ready for a fun challenge?! These bucket list challenges are all over Pinterest so we thought we would make one for the language class.

All those little experiences helps make class engaging and adds a touch of culture. The next posts will go through each activity to show some authres for different languages plus lesson ideas. They will be based on this challenge:

When you show this to students, let them know that all activities need to have a cultural connection to count.

Here’s what I love about this!

  • I can set many of these up as stations that they can work through for a few days. Which means I’m free to do end-of-the-semester interpersonal assessments.
  • We can do some of the activities together which can be a good way to end on a high note.
  • Many can be done at home.
  • We can do this completely in the target language and it’s full of cultural connections.
  • It brings the excitement of the season to class in an educational way.

Copy/paste to your preferred program.

So maybe you want to challenge the other language teacher in your building or maybe it’s between your class periods. Whichever, it’s fun to do and check them off!

If you create it in another language and want to share it, email it to us! Or send us the translations and we’ll format and add it here!

Copy and paste this image into your preferred program. Add text boxes to “write” on it.

And a little video to make you smile…

~ Kara & Megan



  1. Jana

    This inspires me to do something special on the final week. Thank you, Megan and Kara, for the beautiful, creative work that you share with us. I am so grateful.

  2. ghoskins

    Thanks for the idea. I used to celebrate so many things with my students but the stress of trying to reach academic goals have gotten in the way. This is something that will not take a lot of time in preparation and the students will enjoy.

    • Kara Parker

      Welcome! I’ll add that if it is done in the TL then it also supports reaching those academic goals… all 5 C’s! Communication: reading/listening/writing/speaking. Cultures aka interculturality competencies: products/practices/perspectives + investigation/understanding/participation. Connections: seeing it being used in real world situations. Comparisons: other cultures, and/or other culture to self. Community: understanding and connecting to our communities.

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