30+ Interpretive Reading Activities

Posted by Kara Parker on March 3, 2015 in ELL/ESL, Reading

Yes! An awesome authentic reading resource! I feel like I hit gold. Now what do the students do with it to show their comprehension and to learn new vocabulary and structures?? We have compiled a list of more than 30 activities that we have done, all while staying in the TL. Hope this helps to make your planning a little easier.

30+ Interpretive Reading Activities

Visit the “Reading” category under “Activities” to get explanations for most of the activities in the picture. Note: I included pictures from my Spanish and ELL classes, so I highly suggest using these activities in the target language.


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  1. Jamie Fernandez says:

    I love all of these ideas! Students often get so bored with reading texts and literature in class. Reading is such an important way to learn new vocabulary and improve comprehension skills. It is a necessary part of learning. I teach upper level Spanish classes, one of the classes being AP Spanish Literature. We read every day in this class. Sometimes the texts are short and other times they are quite long. I implement the use of graphic organizers while reading and require students to do activities with the text after reading. I can definitely adapt some of these interactive tools to use in my AP class.

    However, I would like to know if you have any strategies for whole class or group reading. When we have long pieces of literature to read, I often divide students into groups of 4. Each student has a role (summarizer, predictor, questioner, and answerer). They read a section of the literary piece, discuss what is happening, and then write 3 points to fulfill their roles. We share as a class, students rotate roles and continue with the next section. I love this activity because it requires students to think about what they are reading and what will happen next. I use this strategy often, but would like to implement new strategies. We sometimes popcorn read and also read in a circle while stopping frequently to annotate and comment as a class. Do you have any other ideas for whole class/group reading that will keep students engaged?

    1. Kara Parker says:

      Hi Jamie! Thanks for sharing your ideas. I love that they are doing the work, aka thinking! The other whole class ideas I have are under the category “Movies” and “ESL” right now. They are ideas that I adapted from English classes and I’ve used them for anything with a plot like movies, tv series, dramas, stories and novels. Other ideas that I don’t have here that you can search for: literature circles, jig saw, acting it out, making a trailer/book review.

  2. Aimee says:

    I love these 30+ ideas, but am not finding the explanations. Thank you!!

    1. Kara Parker says:

      MOST of them are from different past posts under this category (in no particular order): http://www.creativelanguageclass.com/category/activities/modes-skills/reading/
      You can also try typing the keywords in the search bar (highlight, sort, infer, 6-word memoir, circle, etc). If there’s a specific one you can’t find, let me know which one and I’ll tell you about it.

  3. A pleasant day Kara Parker! as I’ve found this page of yours, I feel so excited. Could I use these for my study on how to improve reading comprehension skills of my pupils? Thank you very much.’

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